How much does it cost to use VeriTread, and what forms of payment are accepted?

VeriTread's Marketplace allows you to register, get estimates, review item dimensions, post loads, and tender bids for FREE and without any obligation.

When you receive a bid from a Transportation Provider that meets your price and service requirements, a matching fee is calculated.  You only pay the matching fee when you accept a bid. The VeriTread matching fee is calculated as a small percentage of the total transport cost agreed to by you and the carrier. On average, this fee is about 12% less than a traditional freight broker's charges.

VeriTread requires a credit card to satisfy the initial booking fee.  When the Shipper accepts a bid, the VeriTread fee will be charged to the Shipper's credit card immediately. The remaining transportation costs are then handled directly between the Shipper and Transportation Provider.

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